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Something that is suppose to make your users lives so easy, but makes a developers life a living hell!

After much reading I am now seeing a standard becoming on the extinction list in the near future. And thankfully!

37Signal no longer supporting OpenID

My problem: Using Google Apps / Google as my Authentication to login to my web application. A simple solution I would think with all the other API’s out there being so easy.


Google has in no way made there API for Open ID an easy task. Mere diagrams and small explanations, but wheres the actual usage? Don’t get me wrong I love google and use it every day. But as a developer this made me really have to research up and done how to do something so simple.

So in my research here is my discovery:

If you choose to use OpenID then note that its standards change regularly and more than likely will eventually become extinct.

Avoid all the insane OpenID libraries and head straight to this one:

LightOpenID offers a “WORKING” example. Simply upload to your server and begin! This is not a joke I kid you not this thing works without ANY installation. And requires nothing more than PHP 5, and cURL.

Hopefully this will help someone out there from spending hours of research like I did.

*** EDIT ***

I found a small problem with lightopenid as it does not handle Google Sites accounts. So I had to switch to this:

He found and basically made the janrain openid library work quickly…

Generally speaking this one is MUCH better as it handles these cases easier. LightOpenID is great still if you are trying to do a quick hit. However, there comes a real problem with OpenID. And that basically is that with Google you will still have to type in the email address and not necessarily a password to simply figure out what site you are logging into.

Facebook has achieved SSO in a WAY more efficient no clicks needed manner. I am only using Open ID as it is where my clients user base is already. It removes the need for them to recreate accounts and instead allows them to login without having to do anything but one click after authenticating they are who they are…

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Shared Hosting

by on Jan.11, 2011, under Uncategorized

So I have been using GoDaddy shared hosting for about 2 years now. Mostly because I got a 4 year plan for like $250…

At that price I couldn’t refuse! However lately and even from the beginning I have hated how slow Word Press runs on Godaddy. After reading a lot on it and finding out how many people are on the same server as me.. “Which is in the 1000′s” Don’t get me started with how bad there databases are at that!

In the short of all this I am looking at moving my hosting to another company. Yes I am going to stick with shared as its all I can afford and all I really need.. I run about 5-10 websites all of which get way less than 2000-3000 hits a month. I am aware of every company has there quirks, but I can handle them.. After all I have been with GoDaddy’s shared hosting who seem to have the worst of the worst…

The hosting companies thus far:

1) BLUE HOST, $6.95 a month – Features:

You can also upgrade your account and get a Dedicated IP for $2.50 a month and an SSL for $45 a year.

I have had several clients who are already using them and I find there service to be incredible! Price point is extremely good while they have their limits and will “Soft cap” different features to prevent you from hurting other people on a shared host.

This soft cap basically implies that they cap emails per hour at somewhere between “600-750″ an hour. Which in return is not necessarily a terrible thing.

2) HOST GATOR has plans ranging from $4.95, $7.95, and $12.95 a month. Promo rate is $6.36 a month with an Initial payment of $228.96

They include a shared SSL in there $7.95 plan; while, the $12.95 has a dedicated SSL and IP. Finding out what their plans all have is extremely easily and well done. A big plus is that they have ImageMagick and several other nice additions.

In the end I have heard good and bad, but I think this is true with anything you go with.

Overall price point and what host gator offers is so far superior. With already including an Shared SSL and the ability to upgrade to business class for $12.95 to have a dedicated SSL and IP… Price point beats out Blue Host for sure. Blue host will cost an extra $75 a year just to get the dedicated IP and an SSL. Gator already has it built in.

3) GREEN GEEKS has one plan but different pricing ranging from $4.95 a month to $12.95 a month.

The issue I have is they don’t readily say they have SSL’s available or dedicated IP addresses that you can upgrade to. To me if you can’t upgrade these then it makes it difficult for me to want to go green… $4.95 however is a very tempting price point as I would pay upfront $178.20

Some may say why didn’t you look at some others like 1and1, Media Temple and the so many more out there. Without having to upgrade to a dedicated server to get all the bells and whistles shared servers are the best option. Especially as most of these already include the bells and whistles I need.

Overall I figured if I try something and it doesn’t work it still will be better than what I have.

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Short thought…

by on Dec.14, 2009, under Finding

Just a few finishing touches of today.. Thought I would put them down..

1: Everyone has a thought or an opinion.
a: Not all of them should be spoken or even heard!
b: And to each there own… Meaning someone else in this world with over 6 billion people in it disagrees with you.
2: Speaking over people…
a: Probably means you are afraid of what the other person has to say..
b: Over powering them?
c: Refer back to a…
3: Don’t speak over others…
Because it does not feel good especially when you have a few words to get out and cant…

All this is just some feelings I have had today.. And generally my opinions are the best.. No seriously, out of everything today I find that opinions are strange and often lead to arguments that are probably better left untouched. So instead of spitting out a seriously uneducated, “BIAS” opinion you would have been better to keep your mouth shut.

Here too what can be learned.. Know your faith, not only why you believe it, but where it is, why it is and how it is. Because one day someone is going to come knocking and “appear” to know more and say some big bold words, but knowing truth means knowing where it comes from.

And out of every opinion I come back to this… If the opinion is about Jesus and that you think he did not die to save you and me. Then I won’t be seeing you when we die.

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Move to WordPress…

by on Dec.03, 2009, under found

So I finally decided that I would move to the dark side and use WordPress. I have to say so far I am very impressed. Even with all the buttons and crazy amount of features I have to say it is awesome. Before I was using blogger/blogspot and now I am hosting my own blog.. No real reason for the move as blogger was working great, however, this just seems cooler!

Thinking I am going to make my own theme for this though, but for now this one will work..

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by on Dec.03, 2009, under Finding, Truth

Marriage is exactly what everyone says it is and exactly what everyone says it is not. This is very confusing I know, but when you finally get married you will begin to understand.

From the time I was a little kid and right before I got married I dreamt of being married, having my own family, and even having kids. When you hear the saying life is short.. Let me say yes this is so true. See while you are younger time passes slowly, but as time passes it decreases exponentially.

I would say that this is caused by responsibility. We all have the same amount of time, it is what we do with that time that matters. So adding to being married. You will find your time to be short and spending your time appropriately will lead to whatever success you have with it.

From my own observations I find that success in marriage is found only by the time you put into it. If you put little into it you will get little out. On the opposite if you put a lot into it then you will get a lot in return. This analogy can also be used when studying for a test. If you do not study then you may fail, however, if you do study then you may pass…

Now here is the trick… Just “studying” will not make you pass the test. The quality and the diligence behind the studying is what makes you pass the test. Not the amount of time put into studying. With all this being said here is the part that makes this a “Trick Question.” Even if you are diligent and study hard, in the end you may still fail the test.

Life always has curve balls and when you are willing to take into account that you may get hit upside the head. Marriage may be right around the corner for you. Trying to figure everything out right off will never get you any closer to understanding each angle.

Marriage is about the willingness to fail, succeed, and putting in diligent time into the relationship. If one side fails to operate in this, both sides lose.

Strange how all this comes from only being married for almost seven months now..

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